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What is EdCoin?

EdCoin is the first cryptocurrency that will empower 21st century education all around the world. EdCoin aims to make computer science education accessible to any student for free, anywhere, at any time via the EduCode™ Platform.

The EduCode™ Platform offers schools across the globe a comprehensive online computer science curriculum specially developed by university educators, zero teacher training required! With this, 325 million students worldwide could graduate high school with the equivalent of a Bachelor of Computer Science degree.

Unlike most ICO projects, the EduCode™ Platform is fully operational and has already piloted in several North American schools with great success. EdCoin will enable further development of the Platform and allow more students to access a computer science education for free.

How do I contribute?

Anyone can contribute by buying EdCoin (EDX) tokens during our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) event. We will release a limited amount of EdCoin currency (EDX) for a limited time. A minimum purchase of 1000 tokens (120 USD or 0.1 ETH as of January 2018) is required per sponsor, as this is the amount that will provide at least 1 student with free access to the EduCode™ Platform for 1 year. The goal of EdCoin is to raise a minimum of 5 million USD and to stop accepting contributions when 25 million USD is reached.

You may also choose specific Grade 6-10 children in your family or country to sponsor. They will receive:

  • Free EduCode™ Platform account
  • Account validity of up to 5 years (depending on the amount of tokens purchased)

You may sponsor individual children, a class (15 students), a school (1000 students) or a district (100,000 students). Simply provide us with their details (name, school, contact, etc.) and we will do the rest.

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How is EdCoin superior?

EdCoin has the power to make computer science education accessible in every classroom around the world. The EduCode™ Platform is an efficient, cost-effective, and scalable solution to fill the digital skills gap. The ease of implementation and usage in schools allows awareness of the EduCode™ Platform to spread quickly from schools to government departments and eventually, entire countries.

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Key Dates

  • 8 January 2018

    Official Announcement

  • 22 January 2018

    Early-Bird Pre-Sale (30% bonus tokens)

  • 5 February 2018

    Public Pre-Sale (20% bonus tokens)

  • 19 February 2018

    Token Sale Starts (10% bonus tokens)

  • 5 March 2018

    Token Sale Ends (5% bonus tokens)

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Token Distribution

  • Tokens available to public: 336.6 million
  • EdCoinXchange: 66 million (locked for 360 days)
  • Education Savings Pool: 165 million
  • Team: 66 million (locked for 720 days)
  • Advisors/Partners: 13.2 million (locked for 160 days)
  • Bounties: 13.2 million
  • Total tokens: 660 million
  • Token contract address: Will be published on 48 hours before crowdsale launch date
  • Launch date and time: TBA
  • Token launch timeframe: 30 days.
  • Token launch completion: Token launch will end when either the maximum number of ETH is raised or 30 days have passed. If less than the minimum of ETHs are raised, ETH can be retrieved by holders of Edcoin Token.

Budget Allocation

  • EduCode Platform 25%: Funds EduCode™ Platform team, operations and global rollout/distribution.
  • Course development 35%: Funds the content developers, the designers, and animation audio technicians.
  • Marketing & business development 25%: Marketing efforts, advertising, growth-hacking, PR, partnerships, affiliate programs and more to spread Platform awareness and implementation
  • Operational 8%: Legal, security, accounting and other associated administration costs
  • Security 2%: Dedicated for software QA.
  • Reserve 5%: Dedicated for emergency expenditures
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  • 2015-2017

    Creation of eLearning Platform

  • 2017

    Curriculum content Level 1

    Grade 6
  • 2017 Q4

    Pilot Launch in Middle schools

    Canada and US
  • 2018 Q1

    EdCoinX ICO Launch

    Smart Contract/ICO events
  • 2018 Q1-Q4

    Creation of Curriculum

    Grade 7-8
  • 2018 Q4

    Implementation of the platform

    In 5% of schools in US, CA, EU, AS, AF
  • 2019

    Creation of Curriculum K-5 (2019 Q1-Q4)

    Implementation of the platform (2019 Q4)

    In 10% of schools in US, CA, EU, AS, AF
  • 2020

    Creation of Curriculum 10-12 (2020 Q1-Q4)

    Implementation of the platform - Q4

    In 15% of schools in US, CA, EU, AS, AF

Our Team

Our team encompasses a dedicated group of individuals who work together to reach a common goal. We aim to reach every student, in every classroom in the world.

Team img

Guyverson Vernous

Founder & CEO

Team img

Marco de Grâce

Chief Operating Officer

Team img

Éric Hervet

Chief Academic Officer

Team img

Myrtha Murat

Chief Financial Officer

Team img

Kerry Knee

Chief Marketing Officer

Team img

Xavier Baudry

Lead Content Developer

Team img

Dave Gallant

Senior Software Developer

Team img

Kell Soong

Marketing Assistant

Team img

Roger Booto

Software Developer

Team img

Cajetan Bouchard

Software Developer

Team img

Eric Snow

Software Developer

Team img

Eric Hébert

Audio Engineer

Team img

Pierre Hébert

Voice Narration

Team img

Marc LeBlanc

Front-End Developer

Team img

Emilie LeBlanc

Graphic Designer & Animator

Team img

Stephanie Rowe

Graphic Designer & Animator

Team img

Solange Desjardins

Graphic Designer & Animator

Team img

Mikaël Ward

Robotic Technician

Team img

Guyverson-Junior Vernous

Social Media Marketer

Team img

Harris Beck

Class Instructor

Press Coverage for Blockchain Technology

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Through the purchase of tokens, anyone can participate in this global revolution. As a sponsor, you will be contributing to the further development of the EduCode™ Platform and the implementation of computer science education in schools globally. You can also give any Grade 6-10 children in your life a free EduCode™ Platform account of up to five years (minimum: 1000 tokens=1 year).

The demand for professionals with ICT skills increases in proportion with our world's reliance on technology. As of today, the demand far exceeds supply. Our youth will need digital skills to stay competitive in the 21st century. Unfortunately, many schools around the world aren't equipped to deliver computer science education. Large-scale training is costly and there aren't enough computer science teachers. This creates a digital skills gap between school graduates and employers.
The EduCode™ Platform will fill the digital skills gap by delivering a computer science education to schools anywhere, anytime, without requiring large-scale teacher training. The Platform's comprehensive curriculum is designed for maximum autonomy, enabling teachers and students to explore and learn computer science together. Students as young as Grade 6 will learn what is usually taught in most university first year computer science programs. By the time they graduate high school, they will possess the equivalent of today's Bachelor of Computer Science degree.
EdCoin tokens will sponsor students to access a computer science education via the EduCode™ Platform. It will also help us to continue developing content and making improvements to the EduCode Platform for them. A minimum purchase of 1000 tokens sponsors 1 student for 1 year.
Based on conversion rates in January 2018, 1 EDX = 0.12 USD. Therefore, the minimum purchase of 1000 tokens would be approximately 120 USD or 0.1 ETH. Note that no fiat currency is accepted during the ICO crowdsale, only ETH.
Prior to the ICO event, you may reserve your tokens by clicking the Pre-Sale Register button. Reservations come with special bonuses that are only available for a limited time. You will have to complete your purchase during the ICO event and your tokens will be issued. You will be notified via email of the ICO start time and date 48 hours prior to it.